Many diets come in the market for fat loss, weight gain and people get crazy about these diets.

Why? BecausePeople without understanding their requirements, jumps to anything which becomes famous in the market. They are such diets which are marketed so well but they aren’t as effective as your normal diet and can’t be sustained in the long run.

BUT what people needs to understand is that they don’t need to follow any fancy diet to become healthy. They are just unaware of this fact.

And one thing where most of the people goes wrong is that they follow stupid diets for weight loss for some time, they lose their weight and comes back to what they were eating earlier, and gains weight again. This is the most stupid thing one can do. Instead, our focus should be on making our lifestyle healthy and not following stupid diets every now and then.

One such way is to incorporate Volumetric diet in your life. Its way better than following any stupid diet.

So, what is volumetric diet?

Volumetric diet is the diet which focuses on energy density of the foods. In this type of diet, a person eats, more of less-calories dense food and less of high-density calories foods. In this type of diet, the foods have been divided into 4 categories, which are:

As it can be seen from the diagram that we have to eat more of category 1 foods in our diet and less of category 2&3, and very little of category 4 foods.

Now what foods are being included in these 4 categories:

CATEGORY 1 includes non-starchy foods like fruits and vegetables. We have to eat a lot of it.

CATEGORY 2 includes whole grains (such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta), lean proteins, legumes, and low-fat dairy.

CATEGORY 3 includes breads, desserts, fat-free baked snacks, cheeses, and higher-fat meats.

CATEGORY 4 includes fried foods, candy, cookies, nuts, and fats. You can have ghee/butter but in a limited amount.

In this way, the feeling of satiety is created by having low calories dense food in high volume.


  • Because we have to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which have water and fibre, it will keep us full for a longer period.
  • It doesn’t restrict you for eating your favourite foods like processed stuffs. You just have to minimize its quantity and have to remain in your recommended calories intake.
  • Not a rigid plan to follow, its very flexible, so it can be sustained for long-term.
  • It is also scientifically proved to be a good plan for healthy weight loss.
  • This diet focuses on exercise also, around 30-60 minutes a day.
  • In this diet, we evaluate our foods based on their calories and nutritional value and according to our preferences also but we won’t have to be stringent about what’s healthy and what’s not. 
  • It is a diet for lifestyle change. It’s not a quick fix, but a way of eating that takes some time to learn and adopt. Not a plan to lose weight quickly but slowly and gradually.
  • One of the best things about this diet is it don’t refuse to eat. It emphasis on eating rather being deprived.


Frequent eating is recommended on the Volumetric diet—three meals and a snack or two, as long as you are following the Volumetric principles.

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