Cardio is something which is very much hyped in the fitness industry and everyone around us or even the trainers go saying that “agar tujhe fat loss karna hai to tu cardio kar.” But they don’t tell you why you need to do the cardio, what it doest to your body, how much you should do it, what exercises comprises of cardio, and many more questions. This article will clear all your doubts regarding cardio, and from now anyone won’t be able to fool you about it.


Cardio is a short form used for the cardiovascular exercises or also known as the Aerobic exercises. One should be doing it as it has many health benefits for our body. Doing these exercises increases our heart rate, and hence the blood flow in the body, more fresh oxygen in the body, which keeps our heart and lungs healthy.

Any exercise which increases the heart rate and make you breath faster is cardio vascular exercise.

                                           Now many people think that they need to go to the gym to do cardio. Many people go here wrong. They don’t even know that anyone can do cardio even without going to the gym.

The exercises which are good for the overall health are:

  • Normal walking or walking at a little fast.
  • Running.
  • Swimming.
  • Dancing.
  • Playing any sport.
  • Jogging.
  • Cycling.
  • Treadmill.

You can do any of them. All are good exercises and increases your blood flow.

    Now the question arises that How much cardio should we do for weight loss? Can anyone whose goal is to weight gain can also do cardio?

The answer to this question is ANYONE CAN DO CARDIO IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR GOAL, but strength training should also be a part of your workouts.

  • Anyone who wants to keep themselves fit but doesn’t want to go to the gym, can do aerobic exercises 30 minutes a day to keep themselves fit. Even walking will do the job.
  • Those who wants to gain weight can also do cardio with weight training. But they should limit their cardio to 1-2 times a week, not more than 30 minutes in each session. But if you are doing HIIT, even 10-15 minutes will do the job.
  • Those who want to lose fat, even for them, 2 times a week LISS (LOW-INTENSITY CARDIO) 30 minutes is okay, and you can do HIIT (HIGH INTENSITY) 10-15 minutes also, but that too only 1-2 times a week. What here important is Strength training more and cardio is secondary thing. It will help you in fat loss faster.

However, for most of the people, 1-2 times a week cardio is enough, but it depends on many factors also like your current weight, diet, daily activity level, and age etc. Some manipulations are done in the cardio exercises which helps a person to reach their goal.


The answer is NO, a big NO. empty stomach cardio doesn’t lead to more fat loss. The fat loss will happen, no doubt, but it won’t lead to more fat loss than if you do Cardio when you have eaten something. It has been proved in the multiple studies that fasted cardio doesn’t help in more fat loss.

What matters is your intensity of your workouts and not whether you are have eaten something before it or not.

Researches had also proved that when you do cardio after having your meal, it results in more calories burned after your cardio and majority of which comes from fat. So, it will be a stupid thing to do cardio before your meal.

One more thing to understand that when we do cardio when our glycogens are depleted, our muscles uses protein for energy and in the long run, it can lead to muscles loss also. And it may not be a good idea for those who want to add muscle mass on their body.

Fat loss doesn’t happen only because of the cardio, it largely depends on the intensity also and the type of food you choose to eat. If your diet isn’t proper, then cardio done, whether on empty stomach or after having a meal, it wont help you much and it doesn’t happen fastly.

NOTE: What important thing to notice here is, when you do cardio in a fasted state, you are already low on energy levels and your glycogen levels are low, you won’t be able to sustain a high intensity workout and hence you will be able to burn less calories as compared to when you have eaten something and did your workout.

Now then why people do empty stomach cardio when it has no special benefits? Because they feel lighter on their stomach and can’t do cardio after they have eaten something. Many people don’t feel like doing cardio without having their meal but many are fine with it. So, it is very much a personal choice. Don’t listen to people, listen to your own body and make changes accordingly.

TAKEAWAY: Empty stomach cardio doesn’t lead to more fat loss. It is a myth. It won’t give you extra benefits. Rather it is a personal choice. You don’t feel okay with it, don’t do it. If you feel fine doing it, do it but don’t keep in mind that it will lead to more fat loss.

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