Both will create a lot of health problems and hinders your child’s growth.

Nutrition is very important for growing children, not eat correctly causes many deficiencies and health problems down the line and children suffer, be it studies or everywhere.

We provide plans that fulfil the Optimum nutrition needs of your kids and make him/her always healthy and happy.

Description of the program


  • The diet plan will be customized based on age, height, activity levels, taste, allergies, and school timings.
  • The recipe book will be provided including the foods for immunity, brain and overall growth of your child.
  • Our nutritionist will provide all the support through whatsapp and voice call if required.
  • In this program, we will work to build better immunity, cognitive development and balanced growth of your child.
  • Specific nutrition plan will be made if your child is into the sports.
  • The program will be provided for one month.
  • Please Note – This program is for the overall development of your child and not to treat any medical condition.


The total program cost

1 month – Rs 2500 or $150 if the client resides out of India.



  • The program is open to all children between the ages of 1-18.
  • The program is for the wellness of your child and not to treat any disease.
  • The program fees should be paid before the start of your program.
  • The program will be virtual, all the support will be provided through WhatsApp and e-mails or calls.
  • Once you paid for the plan, we will send you a questionnaire to understand your body type, lifestyle routine, eating habits and your goals. After that you will get a plan and 24/7 support over Whatsapp and emails.



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