Our holistic wellness and fat loss program are designed to help you achieve lasting weight-loss results without fad diets. In this program, the focus on adding certain foods to your diet that will help to promote weight loss, rather than the majority of diet trends that involve cutting out certain food groups. We will provide education on how to live a healthier lifestyle with an individualized meal plan to fit your busy schedule. Clients can be met virtually for coaching anywhere via phone or video call or WhatsApp. 

Description about the program


  • The program will help you to lose extra fat and lose weight in a healthy way.


  • The holistic wellness and fat loss program are based on the five principles i.e. balanced diet, exercise, quality sleep, stress management, and happiness.
  • In this program, we will provide you a customized nutrition and exercise plan based on your current status of health.
  • The program will be completely customized based on your lifestyle, taste, work schedule and social life.
  • The recipe book will also be provided in the program.
  • In the program, the personal nutritionist will be assigned to you for solving all your queries.
  • Our team will track your progress and make changes if required.
  • The specific guidelines will also be covered during the travelling, festive season or any other reason in the program to stay on track.
  • A complete WhatsApp chat support and voice calls if required will be provided to you.
  • Once your program ends, a complete guide along with the maintenance nutrition plan will be given to you for sustainable health.


Total cost of the program-

3 Months – Rs 3500 or $50

6 Months – Rs 6000 or $90

12 months –Rs 10000 or $150



  • The program is open to all irrespective of your location, gender or age.
  • The program is for your wellness and to lose extra fat in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • The program fees should be paid before the start of your program.
  • The program will be virtual, however, if you want face to face meeting with our nutritionist, then we visit and cost would be not the same as mentioned in the program.
  • We don’t recommend starvation diets or fad diets to lose weight fast, we believe weight loss is a process and 2-3 kgs per month is ideal weight loss for everyone though it depends on the number of factors.
  • This program is not to treat any disease specifically, though reducing weight and a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of many health problems.

Once you paid for the plan, we will send you a questionnaire to understand your body type, lifestyle routine, eating habits and your goals. After that you will get a plan and 24/7 support over Whatsapp and emails.


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