Lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, PCOS , heart attacks, blood pressure, arthritis, constipation require lifestyle changes along with medicine as medicine only treats the symptoms. Food will cure the disease from its root cause and that’s what our program called Lifestyle Medicine Program which includes nutrition and exercise modification to heal health problems with food.

Let food be your only medicine.

Description of the program

  • We believe, “The Food IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE”, the lifestyle medicine will heal your body from its root cause, unlike medicines that only work on treating symptoms.
  • This program is based on nutritional guidelines and exercise regimes to reverse lifestyle health disease.
  • The specific foods list along with the nutrition plan will be provided in this program.
  • The focus is on healing your body and slowly reduce and weaning off the medicines.
  • In the program, a personal nutritionist will be assigned to you for solving all your queries.
  • Our team will track your progress and make changes if required.


  • Following lifestyle health problems will be covered in this program-
  1. Type 2 Diabetes
  2. PCOD
  3. Constipation
  4. Acidity
  5. Cholesterol and Cardiovascular disease
  6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  7. Thyroid Disorder
  8. Arthritis


The total cost of the program

3 Months – Rs 3500

6 Months – Rs 6000

12 Months – Rs 10000





  • The program is open to all irrespective of your location, gender or age.
  • The program is for your wellness and to heal the lifestyle health problems with the food.
  • The program fees should be paid before the start of your program.
  • The program will be virtual, however, if you want face to face meeting with our nutritionist, then we visit and cost would be not the same as mentioned in the program.
  • This program is not a substitute for any treatments or medicine.
  • The programs are based on providing food guidelines and fixing the lifestyle to heal your body.

 Once you paid for the plan, we will send you a questionnaire to understand your body type, lifestyle routine, eating habits and your goals. After that you will get a plan and 24/7 support over Whatsapp and emails.

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