A program that is entirely made for the athletes. Apart from training, your body needs the right quality and quantity of Nutirtion to enhance your performance.

The need of every individual is different and hence this program will cater to the need of every single individual.

Description of the program

  • The detailed evaluation of the current diet and recommendations to improve performance
  • Pre-training, training, and post-training nutrition guidelines
  • Eating strategies for optimal recovery based on your lifestyle and personal daily schedule
  • Customized meal plans for optimal results
  • Specific sports-related exercise guidelines.
  • Hydration, electrolyte and fueling plan for training and competition
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation guidelines if required.
  • The complete support will be provided through WhatsApp or voice calls/video calls if required.
  • Our team will track your progress weekly and make changes if required.

The total cost of the program


                            2 Months –  Rs 3000

                            4 months –   Rs 5500

                            6 months –   Rs 7500

                            12 Months – Rs 12000




  • The programs are for not treating any injury or disease.
  • The program is open to all irrespective of your location, gender or age.
  • The program is to improve the performance of the athlete.
  • The program fees should be paid before the start of your program.
  • The program will be virtual.
  • We don’t recommend starvation diets or fad diets to lose weight fast, we believe weight loss is a process and 2-3 kgs per month is ideal weight loss for everyone though it depends on the number of factors.
  • This program is not to treat any disease specifically, though reducing weight and a healthy lifestyle help to reduce the risk of many health problems.

Once you paid for the plan, we will send you a questionnaire to understand your body type, lifestyle routine, eating habits and your goals. After that you will get a plan and 24/7 support over Whatsapp and emails.







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